Why Voyage la Vie and What Does This Have To Do With Travel?

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I could have said la vie de voyage, or travel life, but then how would that match life’s unpredictability?

First of all, hi there, welcome to Voyage la Vie – Travel with Life, where we discuss all things travel. Here you’ll find resources to inspire your travels, including using credit cards for travel, vacation destination inspiration, planning tips, foodie reviews, adventure, and more. Oh, and a bit of Disney.

We celebrate the grand vacations, the cultural excursions, and weekend trips with family and friends. The memorable moments that become lifelong memories.

So. Why Voyage la Vie? When I say I spent months working on what to call this blog, it’s not an exaggeration. I struggled finding a term that was both unique and captured the essence of who I am as a traveler, and how I feel called to roll my eclectic set of professional skills (more on that later) to encourage, uplift, and empower others in their travel journeys. And I ultimately decided using something French is an important nod to the women who inspired me to start traveling (also stay tuned for more…), that Voyage la Vie is intriguing (admit it, you were curious, weren’t you?), and it’s just tongue ‘n’ cheek enough to match life’s unpredictability.

I believe we can integrate life with travel, and travel with life, and that they aren’t mutually exclusive. I also believe that sometimes we travel, and other times we vacation. Yes, there’s a difference. More on that later, too. When I share about locations, sometimes it will be travel-related. Other times it will be about that luxurious, turn off your entire mental load, and let it all go, vacation. We can have both, and each is valuable.

I want to help you travel thoroughly, vacation with ease, and savor more remarkable memories.

So what does Voyage la Vie mean? The verb “voyager” is to travel in French, and “la vie” is life. Here at Voyage la Vie, I know how much travel matters in LIFE. I’ve been through those gut-wrenching pain, loss, and grief, life-altering times. The ones that flip all that is normal upside down, and force you to pause and re-evaluate everything. It doesn’t need to come to that to find clarity in what we need or want to prioritize in life.

So, I invite you to join me in this travel with life-focused journey, as we explore destinations, try new foods, dive into travel tips and tricks, and most importantly, inspire you to make your travel part of your life.

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