Life’s a trip, so travel life with us!

by Katie Jamieson, CAE

Hi there, welcome to Voyage la Vie, where we discuss all things travel. Here you’ll find resources to inspire your travels, including using credit cards for travel, destination inspiration, planning tips, foodie reviews, adventure, and more. Oh, and a bit of Disney.

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Why the name Voyage la Vie?

Because the verb “voyager” is to travel in French, and “la vie” is life. Here at Voyage la Vie, we know how much travel matters in LIFE. 

We celebrate the grand vacations, the cultural excursions, and weekend trips with family and friends.

The memorable moments that become lifelong memories. Sure, we could say la vie de voyage, or travel life, but then how would that match life’s unpredictability? We invite you to join us as we explore destinations, try new foods, dive into travel tips and tricks, and most importantly, inspire you to make your travel part of your life.

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Here at blog Voyage la Vie, we are focused on equipping you with tips, tricks, and tools to make the most of your travel and vacations.
We are passionate about integrating travel with life.

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